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The plans are printed and marketed by me on behalf of
Phil Lockwood, artist and automaton maker.
The picture and video are of the version I made myself using Phil's plans, but you can see his originals and other automata on his website
Phil Lockwood's website.
Also, here is a link to his Facebook page

My version also appears on my Projects page - way down the bottom - with some details of the construction.



The plans come in the form of 34 A3-sized printed pages, with full-size individual component drawings.  Dimensions can be taken from these drawings, or they can be copied and individual parts pasted onto wood as patterns.   Alternatively, the parts pages themselves could be cut up and used.  With a comprehensive Cutting List, all the necessary step-by-step instructions, and a painting guide included, anyone can construct their own version of this clever and amusing automaton



To order the plans, click on the appropriate PayPal Buy Now button depending upon whether delivery is to be within the UK or outside the UK.  Payment is made using PayPal.  If you do not have an account already you can create one, or just check out as a guest with a credit card.


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outside the UK

Total cost 30.00

15 plus 15.00 p&p

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Comments from plan purchasers

Paul Douglass (USA) commented:
Okay,,, for anyone the least bit skeptical about ordering these plans. from another country... I ordered them a week ago and they are here! May have arrived a day or two ago,,, I have a Post Office Box that I do not check every day... did today and there they here.. It is a book! The only thing that surprises me, is I thought I would see dimensions listed and I don't but looks like the pictures are to scale... so I will be copying and pasting to wood... I am used to that, so no problem... This is a very quick glance for me this evening... will looking in more detail over the next few days... But if you are hesitant to order from another country... well I have plans from a lot of other countries and so far not had a problem... these are no exception...
Later  . . .    Don. I have looked over/studied the plans and I gotta say,,,, you are not getting enough for them!

Mario Cappellano (Oz) commented:
Woah, these plans are so detailed, the individual drawings are works of art!




Here is another version, created by Terry Pankhurst


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