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Some pictures of a playhouse constructed for my grandchildren in Ireland

"Come and visit us for a few days", said my daughter - who is married to John, an Irishman, and was then living in Celbridge, near Dublin.
"And perhaps whilst you're here, you could build a playhouse for the boys, Michael and Patrick!"
"What about tools?" I enquired.
"No problem!", says Caroline, "We can borrow some from our neighbours."

This is where the playhouse had to go, and the neighbours DID supply some tools - and some of them worked!

The only other problem was rain!  Every day, for the six days I worked, it rained at least twice, but usually four or five times - even when the day started with clear blue skies!

Caroline's husband John had managed to buy timber through his business contacts - which was just as well, as it is extremely expensive at present in Ireland - so, after gathering an assortment of tools I made a start.   I cut the 9 x 9 cm timbers for the frame, ready for assembly the following morning.

Thursday evening
Some help from Patrick, aged 4

My wife, Avril, and Caroline, assisted by attaching the ship-lap to the frames.

They got quite a routine going!

Friday Evening
Michael, aged 5, checking progress!

Saturday evening
The safety bars are slats which had supported the mattress on a - now - redundand bed.
John got sore knees nailing the roofing felt.

Sunday evening
Steps made and fitted - and a door!

Monday 4 pm
Windows glazed (with perspex), door latch fitted.
Table/bench fitted inside.

Patrick and Michael try out the interior for size - they seem quite pleased with their new play area!

With some paint to finish