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Following the rewriting of my RACENITE program, I decided to update a similar tool - this one for easing the task of keeping track of scores at a Quiz evening.
It can cope with up to 16 Rounds and 16 Teams.

The program can be run on a laptop for the scorer alone, or by using a digital projector connected to the laptop, the display can be projected up onto a large screen so that the quiz competitors can see the current situation rather than having the scores and rankings of the teams read to them.

Below are some pictures of the different screens that the program displays.   To see a larger view, click on an image.

If you are interested in getting a copy of this program - FREE - for your own use, please contact me on the e-mail address on my Home page 

Below are some of the display screens used by the program

This is the opening screen

This screen enables Round Names
to be entered

This is the screen where names for the Teams
can be entered

This is the screen used to enter the Scores for each team for each Round.  The Running total for each team can also be shown

This is the Leader Board display

This is the Display Results screen.  A printed version can also be produced or a file for sending to participants.